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Safety & Rules

Your Safety is Our First Priority!

  1. The Park offers a variety of water-based activities for all ages and all swim levels. Height restrictions are posted for all attractions and enforced. Children under age 12 should be accompanied by a responsible adult age 18 years at all times, and children age 12 or over should be supervised by an adult familiar with the child’s swimming ability so as to make appropriate decisions as to the attractions suitable for that child.
  2. Only you know your own, your child’s, or anyone you are supervising’s level of swimming skills. We strongly recommend all guests under 3 feet tall or who are weak or non-swimmers wear approved lifejackets where appropriate. In the wave pool and Lazy & Crazy River, all guests under 3 feet tall are REQUIRED to wear a lifejacket and be accompanied by an adult. We insist that parents keep their children within arms reach for their close supervision on all water activities. When in doubt, wear a lifejacket! Lifejackets are located around the park.
  3. Proper swimwear must be worn on all rides and attractions.
  4. Diving is not permitted in any pool or attraction at the park.
  5. Please obey all instructions given by the life guard and attendants or authorized personnel for your own safety.
  6. Please shower before entering the pool and water slides.
  7. Melaka Wonderland does not allow bathing attire with: belts, buckles, rivets, grommets, metal of any kind, or cut off jean shorts.
  8. Melaka Wonderland is concerned about your safety! Therefore, we do not allow glass containers, coolers, ice chests, food or beverages of any kind to be brought inside the park. Smoking and consumption of food and drinks are not allowed anywhere with 3 meters from the edge of the pool and water slide area.
  9. Running, plunging and horseplay are not allowed and permitted at any time!
  10. Diving masks, swimming goggles, face mask, flipper and Styrofoam are not permitted in the pool. Persons with eyeglasses must have a head strap to participate in water attractions.
  11. No person suffering and infected or has contagious disease may use the pool and water slides.
  12. Visitors who are drunk / under any influence of drugs or medication and is not in a stable condition are prohibited from using the slides or going into the pool.
  13. Guest are advised to leave the pool during thunderstorm or electrical failure and shall do so if requested by the life guard / attendants or any authorized personnel.In the event of continuous thunderstorm or electrical failure, the management of Melaka Wonderland Theme Park may at any time close the aquatic facilities or park for safety reasons under such circumstances. No rain checks for inclement weather and no refund of any kind will be entertained.
  14. Guest should not temper with fitting equipments or machinery of any kind in connection with or in the area of the theme park or other facilities.
  15. It is recommended that persons with pre-existing medical conditions; head, neck or back problems; and women who are pregnant do not participate in or ride any attractions.
  16. Each individual should evaluate his or her ability to participate or ride any attractions.
  17. This is a family park – profanity or abusive language is not permitted anywhere on park grounds.
  18. The Management of the theme park will not be liable for any injury, mishap or lost, damage of any kind arising from the use of this facilities inclusive the negligence of staff in the park premises or due to visitors own negligence.
  19. Boys of 4 years old and above should not be allowed in the ladies changing room.
  20. All visitors are regulated to obey the dress code display at the pool and water slides.
  21. Please comply with all safety rules and heed all warnings, verbal or written.
  22. The Management reserves the right to restrict any person contravening the rules and regulation of the theme park.
  23. Children below 12 years must be accompanied by an adult age 18 years and above.
  24. Our slides and play structures have passed the strict safety guidelines set forth by the slide manufacturers. Each slide and structure has individual safety guidelines, which are clearly posted throughout the water park. Our maintenance staff continuously monitors water park mechanics and water quality.
  1. All visitors must adhere to the dress code posted at the pool and water slides area.
  2. Kindly shower before entering the pool and water slides.
  3. Smoking and consumption of food and drinks are prohibited within a 3-meter radius from the edge of the pool and water slides area.
  4. Running, diving, and engaging in rough play are not allowed.
  5. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or older.
  6. Boys aged 4 years and above are not permitted in the ladies’ changing room.
  7. Pets are not allowed to enter the theme park premises.
  8. Outside food and drinks are not permitted within the theme park.
  9. It is mandatory to follow instructions provided by lifeguards, attendants, or authorized personnel for your safety.
  10. Individuals suffering from contagious diseases are prohibited from using the pool and water slides.
  11. Visitors under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication, or those not in stable condition, are not permitted to use the slides or enter the pool.
  12. Pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions or back problems should refrain from using the slides.
  13. Guests must not tamper with any equipment or machinery within the theme park premises.
  14. Guests are advised to exit the pool during thunderstorms or electrical failures, upon request from lifeguards, attendants, or authorized personnel.
  15. Face masks, flippers, and styrofoam products are prohibited in the pool.
  16. The management reserves the right to restrict entry to any individual violating park rules.
  17. In case of continuous thunderstorms or electrical failures, the management may close aquatic facilities or the park for safety reasons, without offering refunds.
  18. The management will not be liable for any injuries, accidents, loss, or damage arising from the use of park facilities, including negligence by staff or visitors.

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